Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


I saw a hand surgeon present yesterday, about all the different stuff that hand surgeons do. Funny thing is, I thought I would have really enjoyed hand surgery- it's really super detailed, and its functional enough (attaching tendon to tendon and muscle to muscle... not just boob jobs and "reconstructive burn surgery". Reconstructive burn surgery, by the way, is kind of a cop out in plastic surgery... gives the guy a dose of morality that lets him sleep at night on his mattress made of hundred dollar bills. Hand surgery is usually a subset of plastics, though you can get to it through other residencies, like general surgery or orthopedics).

Anyhow, I just wasn't totally impressed. This guy, who apparently is one of the best in the state, is going on and on about how good his outcomes look. Meanwhile, I'm looking at these people who have 3 fingers, and huge ugly welts and scars and such where their skin used to be. He's pulling out muscles from the rest of their body to try to give them some small amount of function back and totally ripping them apart... it just seemed so messy.

Anyhow, I don't think plastics is for me. Maybe it's a bit early to say that, but since basically everything else has gotten me hooked, I suppose I can (maybe?) say that with a degree of certainty. Plus, the other day the ER doc said that when they have complicated wounds to stitch up, especially to the eyebrow or eyelid, they send them off to a plastic surgeon. Why? Because "their life is cosmetic stitching". Sounds a bit boring to me, when I could be playing with endoscopes instead Endoscopes, by the way, being something like a hundred-thousand dollar game of chopper. I'm quite good at chopper *buffs nails on shirt*.

Off to school! Ochem day... we're getting neurotransmitters, and then we start moving up into head and neck in anatomy. We've finished with the upper extremity.

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