Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


So I'm sitting here, on a Sunday afternoon, studying for my first test of medical school. We'll see how well I do- honestly our material this semester isn't particularly "hard" (anatomy, for as complicated and convoluted as it is, is essentially rote memorization. This muscle goes here, that muscle goes there, yadda yadda yadda. There are no difficult equations, no difficult concepts, no philosophical arguments to go through), but there is a phenomenal amount of it. At this point I can name every single artery, nerve, muscle, and bone of the back, chest, arm, forearm, and hand. Check it out... and this is only part of it!

And... what's cool about it is that I really feel like I've accomplished something. I mean... I know how carpal tunnel syndrome works, and how you can numb an entire arm with only two injections (cool! You'd only need one except that there is a single pesky nerve that doesn't get numbed by the initial shot). Probably the coolest thing that I've learned is how my AC tear works (for those of you who don't remember, I got a grade 3 AC tear when a friend dropped me from a body slam in high school and I landed on my shoulder), and why they gave me the specific physical rehab excercises that they did.

'Course that's just anatomy that I'm going on about. I've got 4 other courses that I'm getting tested in...

I'll let you know how I did. I'm feeling pretty confident (except maybe for SBS... I've never had ANY social sciences so I have no idea what I'm doing in it)- I mean, we've been studying for 4-5 hours a night every day since school started, and have been putting in marathon 10 hour sessions for the past couple days to review everything.

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