Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


6 in the clip, 1 in the chamber

He looked rather sheepish, a kind, elderly man sitting there with blood all over his shirt and face. While cleaning his gun, he forgot that there are 6 bullets in the clip... and an extra one chambered in the barrel. He unloaded the clip to clean the rest of the gun, but forgot the 7th bullet. This would have been an important point to remember prior to squeezing the trigger.

Surprisingly, all he did was shatter one bone in his middle finger; the exit and entrance wounds made it look like a much more serious injury. More embarrassed than anything else, he held his hand up in the middle of the trauma bay and watched as his middle finger dangled. Then he jiggled it, and like limp pasta the finger waggled around, disconnected from muscle, tendon, and bone. He started giggling a bit, which turned into uproarious laughter. It was infectious, and his roommate joined in, along with all the nurses and docs hanging around.

When he finally calmed down, he said "God damn, I feel lucky. Coulda been worse!"

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