Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Well, I'm back in the game, which is nice. Its interesting, though, that almost all of my classmates were going through the same burnout that I did- people have had nervous breakdowns (one of the people that was supposed to go to the conference with me backed out of a $150 plane ticket at the last minute because she was losing it), gotten sick, stopped coming to class... it's crazy.

Anyway, the good news is that I think our anatomy lab saved me. For whatever reason, I just started getting back into it, and my dissections have been better than ever lately. It kind of kick-started studying again.

Also, we cleaned out the rectum of our cadavers. I'm not going to go into particularly gory detail, but suffice it to say that THANK GOD the embalming process kills off all the bacteria in the body (poo, you see, smells due to the bacteria, not due to the contents itself. Kill off the bacteria, and it doesn't stink!).

Three day weekend this week! Good news, because it means I can try to catch up on all the classes I'm behind in... which is all of them.

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