Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


... and then suddenly the weight lifted off 60 shoulders simultaneously when the last buzzer rang. Anatomy lab ID's are on a timer (90 seconds per station) so everyone in my group was done at the same time. I guess I hadn't realized how stressed out I really was, because all of a sudden I could breathe more easily. The mood just... changed.

I mean, I know the pressure of having to constantly perform at such a high level is bad for you. In the past couple weeks I've eaten at chipotle roughly 6-7 times (usually we cook), drunk the better part of 2-3 boxes of soda, made coffee every single morning (and gone back for refills)... I mean seriously. You can't be UP for such long periods of time without coming back down hard. We weren't meant to sprint for weeks.

Anyway, in other fun news, a good friend of mine has hypothyroidism, and thanks to the HCB that we've learned I now know all about goiters and the hormones made by the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is one of those gratifying things to diagnose, because you tell someone that there is a single pill that (a) makes you lose weight, (b) makes you more energetic, (c) increases sex drive, and (d) may improve the softness of your hair. Basically, they are miracle pills, full of magical awesomeness drug. If they worked without the patient having hypothyroidism? Why, the inventor of such pills would be sleeping on a mattress stuffed with money. Maybe I should get on that. Mattress made of money. Has a nice ring to it.

It's pretty sweet though, that just by knowing the hormones a gland makes you can understand (mostly) what is going on when it's diseased (hypo = too little, hyper = too much). I've only been in med school half a semester! I suppose you've got to learn all this stuff at some point- I guess I just didn't figure it would be so soon.

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