Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Neuro is tomorrow... I think I'm mostly ready for it (and not as much for anatomy on Thursday). I'm really burnt out though, like I never was for the diagnostic. Yeesh. I'll be glad when this set of tests is over. Kind of reminds me of the type of studying we did for the MCAT... constant "I can learn more than I know now" kind of thing.

Its funny too, I can't tell why I'm trying so hard. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'll pass- so why work myself into the ground? P = MD is what they all say. What's the point of trying to ace things if you're going to get there eventually?

I suppose part of it is that I'm no longer studying for the test. I mean, I have to know enough to pass the test, but the test isn't really the issue here. This is my "professional development" at stake (I'm 22... far too young to have a professional life as far as I'm concerned). This is me being able to look at someone with Bell's Palsy (not very serious) and be able to tell it apart from a brain tumor (serious). I suppose the stuff that I'm learning now all seems relevant, so I'm loathe to discount part of it and just say that I'll pass the test. Who knows... maybe I want to go into ENT, and all this anatomy business of pharyngeal constrictors will matter. Maybe I'll be a shrink and NONE of this will be important. I guess I can't know at this point.

"Like trying to drink from a fire hose" is what they called it before we started... I think I see what they mean now.

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