Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


This midterm is hell. Everyone is freaking out. People are getting sick left and right, and fighting through excessive fatigue just to make it through the day. I'm drinking about 3-4 sodas a day and a cup or two of coffee just to stay awake... and that doesn't include the hour-long nap I usually take when I crash after class.

Maybe it's not QUITE that bad, but we're pretty stressed out. I've never seen such a snappy, punchy group of people. We're signed up for roughly 3 times the units it takes to be a full-time college student at the U of A, just to give you an idea of the rough amount of material they are expecting us to take in. At this rate (though I think it slows down after this semester) we'll have taken 6 years worth of classes in 2.


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