Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


So one of my friends broke her foot last night (rolled it while she was walking in flip flops... I guess it doesn't take much to break a foot). Anyway, eventually she realized that it hurt badly enough that she should probably go to the ER, since she was convinced that it was broken.

As the only sober one at the bar, duty fell to me to take her to the ER. Turns out she was right... the fun part, though, was that since we were both medical students, the docs totally came in and chatted with us. Eventually they even took us over to the X-ray station so that we could look at her films. We're going to try to get a copy of them from the radiology department and put them up on the X-ray viewers in anatomy lab so that everyone can see what she did to herself.

Good times, I tell ya. It doesn't hurt that her father is the head of the ER there so we got in and out in about an hour and a half. Nepotism at its finest.

Also, I'm starting to get really familiar with upper extremity, head and neck anatomy. I realized today that I know exactly why shingles present the way that they do... without any sort of pathology lecture. They basically follow a nerve out of the spinal cord and so you get an excessively painful rash showing up wherever that nerve goes on the body. Why are they so painful, you might ask? Those just so happen to be the nerves that carry ALL the pain fibers for the area... so it hurts.

Anyway, I'm feeling like I've got more of a groundwork for all of the illnesses and stuff we'll learn later on in our training- and that's really exciting. Midterms are in a week... each test is 4 hours long. Bring it, med school. Bring it.

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