Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


So my good friend Peasley and I are on the nominating committee for our class- we were really interested in running for it so that we could influence the incoming admissions board (we elect the admissions board that admits incoming first years... so we end up vetting the board. This is key- it means that we can elect people who will admit the kind of people we want... and therefore make a really broad impact on the incoming class... and therefore future doctors!)

What I didn't quite realize is that we're also nominating other committees, one of which is the hospital ethics board. Yep- that's the people who decide whether or not a new procedure should be tried in life-or-death situations... essentially the forefront of medicine. Unfortunately I'm REALLY interested in doing it... but since I'm on the committee that appoints the person to the board, it would look really bad if I nominated myself. It also seems like there are at least 2 other people interested in doing it as well. Rock and a hard place, I guess.

I suppose I could step down from the nominating committee for this one decision and appoint someone to make the decision in my stead... still might look bad if I got picked, I think. I'll have to put some thought into this. Now I see why nepotism is so clutch in politics.

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