Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


A bunch of stuff has happened in the past week or so.

1) We went to mexico. Basically we had the greatest time ever. We had pina coladas in the ocean, in pools, on the beach, under palm frond ramadas... *sigh*. Good food, good company, good talks, good weather. It was a stellar break from school.

2) I'm behind. And, I'm getting slightly nervous... we've only got 3 weeks until the midterm (HA! You never would have heard me saying that in college.... but when it usually takes an entire night to catch up on the material that you went over only that DAY- think about when you're going to fit in a week's worth of material, PLUS reviewing all the stuff you've already learned over the last 12 or so... I'm just sayin. 3 weeks is not a very long time for learning all this stuff). 's alright, we'll step it up a notch.

3) I had planned parenthood training yesterday... it was eye opening. Guess what the MOST common person to walk through the door of planned parenthood for an abortion is? I suppose you'd be thinking poor, lower-class ethnic minorities, right?

Noooope. Catholic, white females under the age of 25. Hypocracy, innit? Second most common group is women over 40... again, not a group you'd normally think of until you realize that a lot of these women are divorcees who didn't realize that they weren't getting pregnant because their husbands had been sterilized.

Then there were all sorts of other things. Contraception isn't covered under every healthcare plan, but Viagra is. Interestingly enough, contraception has one of the most costly copays, since it's not considered essential. If you work out the costs though, it becomes something like 6X more cost effective to put an IUD in over 10 years than to go without birth control in hospital bills alone (due to the high cost of delivery). That completely ignores how much a child is going to COST, of course. And the cost to society.

You could really hear the quiet anger in the voice of the woman giving us this talk... she was telling us a lot of the misinformation that *ahem* some people are spreading about contraception, like "women die from it" etc. etc. etc. Not to say that isn't true- women DO die in higher than "baseline" levels when taking contraception (depending on the type, 1.5-4 in 100,000).... but they die in lower than baseline levels when you consider that pregnancy for a woman is inherently dangerous. Say what you will- but statistically speaking, women on contraceptive methods die less often than women who aren't, due to the fact that they aren't dying from pregnancy related issues. And they get less cancer.

Then, there's the whole Plan B fiasco. I could rant, and rant, and rant. If you're interested, look up our amazing FDA and how the commissioner is trying to put his own morality square in the face of what the rest of the board thinks. By the way, Plan B is not an abortion pill. That's RU-486, you fearmongering bastards.

Anyhow. I guess there's not really a point to all of this, aside from the fact that I consider myself pretty well educated about women's health and I was surprised by a lot of things that I heard. It really bothers me that people spread misinformation in order to further their personal moral/religious/political beliefs. Especially when it then impacts directly upon the health (mental and physical) of women. Especially when you then consider that unwanted preganancies lead to unwanted children. Especially when you consider that these unwanted children then grow up to continue the cycle. I think it's criminal and I think it needs to stop. So, dammit, I'm going to go work at planned parenthood, and be proud of it.

I've also realized that I'm ashamed to admit that I'm pro-choice, because I when I admit it, I feel somewhat guilty about it- I think in part because I'm trying to make concessions to conservative friends. Anyway, I'm tired of it, and I'm not going to do it any more.

By the way, abortions are the failure of society to allow women to be empowered about their sexual life. We need fewer of them. But the solution is not to outlaw them, it is to stop the problem BEFORE it gets to where we need to do something about it.

And it really bothers me that not all of my classmates are going to get contra/ab education. It's not mandatory (and, in AZ, it CANNOT be taught due to a conservative donation to the new U of A stadium that changed legislative policy). Because that means that tomorrow's doctors are NOT going to be educated like they should in this field. All morality aside, it's a damn medical procedure and you should be forced to at least be familiar with it.

There is so much pent-up frustration and rage in this issue for me it gets my hands shaking just talking about it.

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