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A Book, You Say?

I've written a novel!

Well, sort of.  It's been a longtime dream of mine to write an actual novel, so I did a bit of investigation.

On a whim, I exported my entire blog to Word. It comes out to exactly 197,748 words in length, excluding comments.  Wikipedia (as you know, this is my favorite source for 100% factually correct links) states that most novels are somewhere between 50,000-175,000 words in length. I figure that makes my blog a novel equivalent!

Incidentally, my last post was post #400.  Thank you, dear readers, for bearing with me for all these years.

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  1. Holy cow that’s a lot! I wonder how many I’ve written…

  2. You’re much better at writing consistently than I am… I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re way up there.

  3. haha, time to get a publisher’s attention!

  4. You are a very good writer; I must say I can’t write as good like you. I appreciate you for sharing your thoughts with us. Thanks :)

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