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A Quickie

I got an email back from the woman with the Right To Life group today. Unfortunately it was neither filled with inflammatory invective (fun to argue!), nor well written and convincing (worth my time!). If it were a breakfast food, it'd be that soggy bowl of cereal that you really don't want to eat but you're hungry, dammit! Try to imagine the most vapid, worthless email you've ever gotten... and then add some misspellings and grammar errors. That's what it was.

What I will say is that she's doing an extremely good job of convincing me that your average pro-choicer is more intelligent, well-read, thoughtful, and compassionate than she is. And she's the head of the entire state-wide pro-life organization.

Zing! I just dissed her entire pyramid scheme! I'll keep you posted, loyal readers.

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