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AIM Triton… how I hate thee

...let me count the ways.

1) You suck up all my system resources and make my computer run slower than all hell.
2) I can't quit you. I click "quit" once, and then you relegate yourself to the taskbar. I then click "quit" a second time and you finally die.
3) You installed viewpoint media player on my machine and use it to play obnoxious ad clips constantly. With volume. That I can't turn off.
4) Apparently I can't uninstall viewpoint once it's installed. Unless I take a sledgehammer to my computer.
5) Did I mention I can't quit?
6) AIM Catcher(tm) "catches" friendly emails. Even after I turned it off.
7) I don't use talk. I don't use video chat. I don't use newsbots. I don't use AIM's proprietary browser window. I don't use chatrooms. I don't need these features.
8) Way to go and allow tabbed IM's. It's only been a feature in DeadAIM for the past 5 bloody years.
9) Worst icon ever. It used to be decent (or recognizable). Now it's some horrid, pixellated crap.
And last but not least...
10) I can't even log on. How am I supposed to use AIM if I can't log on?

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