Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


And there we have it

So, finals are over, and I've been sitting around like a bum for the last couple days, cleaning the house, sleeping my life away, and generally feeling like I deserve to do absolutely nothing. I know school is going to come all too quickly... 3 weeks is nothing, really. I'll be reading as many books and lying on as many couches as humanly possible before the start of next semester.

In other news, check out the "friends" pages on the right. I'm trying to put up pictures and little blurbs of as many people as I can, so that I can do stuff like this --> TJ is off in Michigan visiting extended family for the break, so I've got the house to myself, though Peas is still in town. If you feel like you should be on the roster and I don't already have you up, shoot me a line.

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