Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Anybody want to grab some lunch?

Apologies in advance for the serious nature of this post...

I'm studying for the boards this month (the abortion that was my one day anesthesiology rotation shall be covered in a later post). I've got 3 roommates, so I'm rarely alone. However, roommate #1 is doing a urology rotation right now, roommate #2 started MPH school again, and roommate #3, who is studying for the boards as well, left this morning for a meeting with her advisor.

This left me all alone, which is just fine by me; I cranked up the music and got some† studying done. But then when lunch came around and I wanted to go grab a sandwich, I realized that I didn't have anybody to eat with. If there is one thing I hate, it is eating by myself.

Eating has always been about the communal act for me. Cooking is the same way. I grew up eating dinner with my family, at home, every night. When I left for college, my "last meal" was my mother's home-cooked farfalle with mushrooms. It's ingrained in my personality that food is something that brings us together. I never make less than a pound of pasta; food is for sharing. I pick off others' plates and expect them to do the same for mine.

So was on my lunch break today that it hit home that I'm going to be by myself every day this month. I can focus on the books when I'm studying, but when it's time to eat the realization sinks in.

†I have really gone downhill with regards to studying... I am no longer the efficient data-gathering machine of yesteryear.

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  1. since 12yrs old i have this neorofibromatosis

  2. I just stumbled across your page and had to let you know I absolutely enjoyed it! Working in a teaching hospital I can relate to many of your post.

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog – Loves it! I totally understand your food association: there’s little lonelier than eating by yourself. You must be Jewish to be so eating-centered.

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