Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy



I've been driving around my new city for a year and a half now. At some point my car's registration lapsed, and I never quite got around to getting it taken care of. That's not to say I didn't try; I actually drove to the DMV once and was paged back to the hospital for an urgent consult. I got my emissions test 3 times in a row... and then got too busy to follow through with the actual registration. My mom keeps hounding me to just get it done, but somehow timing never seems right. Every time I see a cop on the road my blood freezes a bit.

Driving home from an ER shift tonight I noticed a cop tailing me. I pulled in to my neighborhood; seconds later the awful sight of sirens. You never realize how bright police lights are until they flood your mirrors at night. A flashlight in the face and my heart started racing like a jackhammer.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
"Not sure, officer. I believe I was following the speed limit."
"Your registration is out of date. Any good reason you couldn't get it taken care of?"
I paused a moment. I'm a terrible liar, so the truth came out. "Honestly, officer... I'm a resident at the hospital. I've got no excuse other than I've had no time to get my car fixed up."

He took my license and expired registration back to his cruiser. I stewed. A few minutes later - an eternity - he walked back.

"Dr. Zac?" he said, "That you?"
"Hey, man, you were really nice to me when we brought in a prisoner a few months ago. More than most of the docs in the ER. I'll tell you what; I cut you a break this time, you keep doing what you do. Get your car registered within the month and you're good to go."

Relief flooded my system. I don't believe in perks of the job, but I suppose this time it was karma. I forsee a trip to the DMV in my exceptionally near future.

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  1. Most definitely Karma – treat people right and the good comes back around. Good for you….

    now get your registration up to date. :)

  2. Doc, do you have synesthesia? you said you were seeing sirens. Or maybe that’s just the agraphia talking.

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