Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy



It's always interesting how it feels to be on break.

Just for posterity, I should mention that for two weeks leading up to exams, I hadn't woken up later than 7:30, nor gone to bed earlier than 11:30. Almost all the time in between was studying.

What's wierd about it is that you take that last exam and your own, personal world stops turning. It's like a runner dashing through the ribbon at the end of the race only to find that the run is over, but momentum is still carrying them forward. I'm continually surprised that the world isn't taking a break just like myself. The news is still news, my sister is still in classes, and my dad still has to go to work. It's an odd feeling.

As a side note, I also must say- medical school is an incredible breeding ground for addiction. It's all I can do to prevent myself from taking sleeping pills every night to force myself to sleep, and to chug 2 mugs of coffee every morning to wake up again. Actually, I do drink that much coffee- I draw the line at the sleeping pills. They're more... pill-ish.

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