Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Breast Cancer

1) Both of my grandmothers died of breast cancer, and my mother is very high risk.
2) Our med school team is the #1 fundraising team in town!
3) Our team leader is the #1 fundraising individual in town!

I'm walking to help fight breast cancer. If you want to donate, please visit my donation page. To entice you to donate $10 or more, I'll send you an email with no less than 3 (three!) personalized reasons why I think that you are awesome. Trust me- no matter who you are I will find 3 things. Furthermore, this email will include a picture of me giving you two thumbs up, and a sound clip of me saying "*your name here*, I'm so proud of you for helping to fight breast cancer!" Trust me- I've got a microphone hooked up to my computer, ready to go.

I also guarantee that you will immediately feel like a better person upon having donated. Because guess what? You WILL be a better person. Do the right thing. Donate to help fight breast cancer.

(oh... and check our team's page to see how much we've raised! This means YOU, dear reader. You. Donate Right now).

P.S. $20 or more will change the picture from two thumbs up to me in a... compromising position. We'll not go into any more detail here.

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  1. hey so hows your car????

    i would expect it to break down any day now…..

  2. Lets not go in to my car right now. Along with a whole host of other problems, I also have to get my emissions checked. I hate my car. Hate it. So much. Ask me about San Diego sometime…

  3. UPDATE!!! i need some more study breaks….. =)

  4. Where you at, my man? did you see i tagged you for a book survey a while back?

  5. Mate, this offer needs to be on backorder :)

  6. ^ That smiley face, flat out makes me look like a pedophile. I’m gonna roll with it.

  7. Yup, I’m using my spam email because I have no clue if this will get to you or not. I’ve been reading through your blog for a week or so now (if you keep getting notices on your blog tracker. . . it’s probably me)! If you still have an active link, or a cause you wish donations to go to, let me know.

    It’s been fun reading through your history. . . glad you went with ER medicine, it suits you!

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