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Bring on the anatomy

Its pretty funny to watch med students study anatomy. Frankly, it involves a lot of standing up with legs and arms outstretched, a lot of awkward touching (*points to groin* as he says "it inserts here"?) and, occasionally, a look of surprise when you manage to do juuuust the right movement to flex a muscle.

While sitting, feel the back of your knee, on the inside (right on your left knee, left on your right; posteromedial for all you medically minded people out there). Now tense. Feel those 2 hard tendons? Semitendinosus and adductor magnus, baby. Your body is your own cheat sheet on an exam... I got at least 2 questions right on the midterm because I had a hand sitting right in front of me I could study.

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  1. Jesus fucking christ, here is your comment. Yes, you’re website is awesome, your computer programming skills are great, and you’re a fabulous med student. Blah blah blah.

    See, it works! I’ll be home in about a week, hopefully you’ll have some time to take away from studying and maybe see me or something. Good luck with exams. . .

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