Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Can’t hack it, Sparky.

Alright, I'm going absolutely batshit stir-crazy† on radiology. Yeah, it's interesting. Yeah, it's fascinating. But seriously, they just sit down in that dark room, isolated from mostly all human contact, and read films all day. Good lord, I'm about to lose it. Also, sciatic pain is resurfacing from sitting all day.

ED starts in 2 weeks. Woo!

†Welcome to the roller-coaster ride that is Zac's emotional state. Some of you are more familiar with it than others :)

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  1. So very, very fickle…

  2. Wow. Maybe you should get yourself checked for PMS? 😉

  3. Bipolar, maybe…

  4. I came across this blog the other day and you got some great info here – thanks.

  5. hummmm, dark room, isolation from others, sounds like my last job. Also, just sneak an xbox down there and jump on live every now and then. Who needs human contact when you can pwn 8 year olds in gta?

  6. Same here! Except its 3 weeks for me. Yay for shift work.

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