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Catching up

I've had a lot to say recently, but not enough time to mention it all. A few highlights-

-Physical Exam is awesome. More than anything else we've done, it feels the most like "doctoring" to me. Not, of course, that we're anywhere near doctors at this point, but hey... I feel like when someone is able to sit down with you and do a full head-to-toe physical exam, that's something that goes beyond just book learning. I'm really enjoying it.

-A doc came in to speak to us who had been to Iraq and Afghanistan to treat detainees (and Saddam!). His presentation was incredible... I can't possibly do it justice, no matter how hard I try. Suffice it to say that he almost broke down into tears several times and gave one of the most incredible presentations I've ever seen. A lot of it was simply anger at the situation over there (regardless of the war- a lot of it was talking about the incredible, awful health problems you see in countries that have 3 million land mines planted, IEDs scattered everywhere, and terrible nutrition). If we hadn't all been sitting behind desks I feel we would have given him a standing ovation at the end of his talk. I felt drained afterwards.

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