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A Book, You Say?

I've written a novel!

Well, sort of.  It's been a longtime dream of mine to write an actual novel, so I did a bit of investigation.

On a whim, I exported my entire blog to Word. It comes out to exactly 197,748 words in length, excluding comments.  Wikipedia (as you know, this is my favorite source for 100% factually correct links) states that most novels are somewhere between 50,000-175,000 words in length. I figure that makes my blog a novel equivalent!

Incidentally, my last post was post #400.  Thank you, dear readers, for bearing with me for all these years.

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Book Reviews

You know your blog is sort of popular when publishers start sending you books to review.  Sadly, a lot of the books I've been sent have been... well, poorly written.

Sometimes they lack a distinct narrative.  Sometimes the author just doesn't know how to write.  Sometimes I find myself actively hating the narrator. Worse, I realize they are shitty doctors.  There is a huge gulf between most of the books I get sent and captivating novels like House of God or Complications.

Rather than selling out my physician writer friends (hey, it's not easy to both write and see patients) by writing scathing diatribes on every book I'm sent, I've just chosen not to review crappy books.  Perhaps one of these days something will come along that will so captivate my attention I recommend that you all read it.  For now, I suppose you'll have to put up with my blog.

In the meantime, publishers, keep 'em coming my way. I've got a veritable bookshelf of mediocre medical books.  More fuel for for my eventual masterpiece.  Yes, dear readers, eventually there will be a book by yours truly.  And none of this ghostwritten shit, either.

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