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You'll notice that Jack's tabloid gossip blog got taken down off my "links" bar, because apparently the domain name expired and was bought up by a porn advertising site. Way to go, Jack.

Anybody want his spot in the coveted top 3? Liz and Monty are lonely...

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My dog got mauled by a bobcat 2 days ago and she's in the critical care doggie ICU. She looks pretty beat up... everybody send your thoughts & love so she can get better!

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Wii would like to play!

I just want to point out that my friend and I (coincidentally George W. Bush's cousin) camped out at Best Buy overnight on Saturday to get a Wii.

And it is awesome.

That is all. Feel free to come over and play sometime.

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Haphazard Hap"haz`ard, n.

Now, I usually say hap-hazard. I'd be willing to bet all of the english speaking world does. But, as our prof pointed out today, Ha-phazard (i.e. hafazard) might actually be the correct pronounciation if you were to come across it for the first time. Everybody in my hood knows it's phat with a ph.

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Songs you should play in my OR……am I getting ahead of myself?

My top 25 favorite songs (as according to iTunes play count).

    Artist - Track Name

1) Sufjan Stevens- Casimir Pulaski Day
2) Montgomery Gentry - Hell Yeah
3) Nickel Creek - When You Come Back Down
4) Iron & Wine / Calexico - 16, Maybe Less
5) Nickel Creek - Reasons Why
6) Rascal Flatts - Fast Cars And Freedom
7) Wilco - Jesus, Etc.
8) David Gray - From Here I Can Almost See The Sea
9) Keith Urban - You'll Think Of Me
10) Mathew Wilder - Break My Stride
11) Dave Matthews Band - If I Had It All
12) Porcupine Tree - Nine Cats
13) Fridge - Long Singing
14) Gorilla - DARE
15) Bananarama - Venus
16) Big & Rich - Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)
17) Craig David - Rise And Fall (feat. Sting)
18) Guster - Barrel Of A Gun
19) Tim McGraw - My Old Friend
20) Zero 7 - Give It Away
21) Eels - God Damn Right
22) Nickel Creek - Jealous Of The Moon
23) Gary Jules - Mad World
24) The Album Leaf - Story Board
25) Dave Matthews - Stay or Leave

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Do you remember that time in middle school (well, for me at least) when soda went from $.50 to $.60? 10 cents wasn't that much in terms of money, but it meant that you had to carry around the extra dime. Annoying. Totally, completely annoying. In fact, I would even say it was one of the most annoying things that ever happened to me. That, and pay phone calls going from $.25 to $.35.

Why should you care? Because, my friends, 20 oz. sodas in the cafeteria just rose in price from a dollar. Not to $1.10. Not to $1.25.

No, they rose to $1.19.

This is the most ridiculous price scam I've ever heard of. Not only am I required to carry more than a dollar bill to get a soda, I am now going to get one PENNY back if I dump in a dollar bill and 2 dimes. Worse, by overpaying $1.25, I'll be forced to deal with the nickel.

Nickels are the most hated of all God's creations. Much worse than Tucker Carlson, hard as that is to believe. The idea that I will get nickels back from the soda machine makes me want to punch Pepsi's CFO in the face.

Who came up with this brilliant marketing idea? $1.19? Make it $1.25, please, I beg of you. This helps your bottom line and my change pocket.

Nickels in my wallet. *shudders*. They'll multiply like gremlins in there.

Edit: Apparently, they are, in fact, $1.25 in the vending machines. My wrath has dissipated, mostly. Unfortunately, they still cost $1.19 in the cafeteria. I'm still slightly annoyed. I wonder if you could track inflation based upon the rise in cost of soda? Economists, get on that.

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AIM Triton… how I hate thee

...let me count the ways.

1) You suck up all my system resources and make my computer run slower than all hell.
2) I can't quit you. I click "quit" once, and then you relegate yourself to the taskbar. I then click "quit" a second time and you finally die.
3) You installed viewpoint media player on my machine and use it to play obnoxious ad clips constantly. With volume. That I can't turn off.
4) Apparently I can't uninstall viewpoint once it's installed. Unless I take a sledgehammer to my computer.
5) Did I mention I can't quit?
6) AIM Catcher(tm) "catches" friendly emails. Even after I turned it off.
7) I don't use talk. I don't use video chat. I don't use newsbots. I don't use AIM's proprietary browser window. I don't use chatrooms. I don't need these features.
8) Way to go and allow tabbed IM's. It's only been a feature in DeadAIM for the past 5 bloody years.
9) Worst icon ever. It used to be decent (or recognizable). Now it's some horrid, pixellated crap.
And last but not least...
10) I can't even log on. How am I supposed to use AIM if I can't log on?

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Merry Xmas

Well, Merry Christmas, folks. I know it's still only Christmas Eve, but frankly I doubt I'll be getting to the blog tomorrow (I mean, lets be real here. I don't have anything to write about for the next two weeks, since all I'm doing is sitting around reading Narnia and getting fat on fudge and toffee. My life is far from interesting... and I LIKE it that way).

So, Merry Xmas. Enjoy the holiday of enforced spending. Bah. Humbug.

But seriously... merry christmas. Or happy holidays if PC floats your boat. Oh, and thanks mom and dad for the new tires. They handle great.

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