Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy



I have 1 summer left in my life. So, here's the question.

1) Go to Ecuador. Have a really awesome experience taking care of indigent populations and feel very satisfied when a simple antibiotic cures a disease that has plagued a kid for years. Learn Spanish. Feel fulfilled.

2) Stay in town, in the blistering 120 degree heat... and do research.

Against all odds, I find myself leaning towards #2. I really want to learn Spanish, and do all sorts of awesome rural health stuff... but I feel like I didn't give research enough of a chance up at CMU. The background on that, of course, is that I was turned off from research since my PI told me I would "never be able to cut it in medicine" and had me washing glassware for 3 months. Thanks, Alison.

So I'm thinking I might try to find some new, happening research in interventional radiology (something I've been thinking about a lot, lately- they do super-cutting-edge stuff like open heart surgery through a catheter) and do that. Another plus is that it pays $3400. Rockin'. Better than the -$2000 it would "pay" to go to South America.

I don't know. I know it would probably end up being more rewarding to go do humanitarian work, but I feel like it could be potentially very awesome doing research. And frankly, I'm the kind of person that would love research. I think I just had a bad experience.

Random side note: apparently a search on Comcast for "vaginal waxing pictures" shows up with my site as the 34th most relevant hit... the text in question is "waxing nostalgic about anatomy lab". Wierd how the internet works, yes?

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  1. Zac!

    Ecuador!!! Think awesome travels. Think beaches. Think helping others. Think spanish! oh yeah, think cheap beer…….

    am i making my point?

  2. What kind of a sicko does a search for “vaginal waxing pictures?” Colan?

  3. I hate it when people say ” your just not cut out for it”. It’s a great way to destroy a hard earned dream, yet also a rude thing to tell someone. Don’t listen to those haters Zac. All you need is the faith you have in yourself.

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