Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Convex Mirrors

You may wonder what it is about hospital personnel that allows them to move around with such effortless grace. Cruising along the halls of the hospital at speeds exceeding 45 mph, how is it (you ask yourself) that they don't crash into people?

Patients smack into each other as they try to take the corners, sharky lawyers trip over their own glossy shoes, but the doctors? White coats flapping in their self-made breeze, they calmly sail by whilst winking at awestruck children.

What is their secret, you ask? How do they combine the grace of the gazelle, the sure-footedness of the mountain goat, the speed of the cheetah?

Convex mirrors.

You get really, really good at quickly checking the mirrors stationed around each of the corners in a hospital after your first few run-ins with other people. In my case it was a pediatric cancer patient in a wheelchair.

Bonus: you get better at using the side-view mirrors in your car.

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