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Creutzfeld-Jacobs Disease

I wish I could take the credit for this brilliant analogy, but I can't.

CJD is just like the underpants gnomes*.

Step 1) ingest protein
Step 2) ...
Step 3) profit!

Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease
South Park's Underpants Gnomes

For more particularly interesting reading on prion diseases, how you get them, and why you should never, ever eat Haggis, see this and this.

*Before I get reamed for being crass and heartless, I should point out that this analogy is about our understanding of the disease process, and not what it's like to get it.

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  1. wait…what? Underpants gnomes and CJD? How are gnomes stealing underpants the same as proteins turning brains into sponges?

  2. Hey…what happened to your great header? The great Tragicomedy…it was awesome but not showing up. Could be my computer though.

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