Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy



It's scary spending money on financial aid. It's even scarier buying a laptop on financial aid.

Unfortunately my trusty old presario x1000* is about to bite the dust. Strange grinding noises keep me awake at night... even when it's turned off. I have lost my left control key. The power cord is missing large chunks of insulation (to be fair, it may be the packrats that live in my laundry pile). Wireless refuses to work. The fan blows harder than... well, that's just not polite to say. Once the computer thinks that the battery is "low" - highly subjective, in my opinion - it shuts off and decides not to turn back on. The right mouse button doesn't work, so I'm stuck control+clicking like all you silly mac users. The power key doesn't turn the computer on any more (you gotta finesse it, my friends). I will say, though, this old thing has served me extremely well. She'll sit around in a corner somewhere until I get around to building my own arcade machine. Which I very well may do.

And so, I introduce you to... the new hottness!

*I like to pretend that it's a terminator and will kick your ass if you look at it the wrong way.

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