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Doctor With The Quiet Voice

I always loved going to the eye doctor when I was a kid. There's something fun about sitting in a chair twice your size while the ophtho smoothly glides lenses over the refractor. The lights are dimmed, and you can hear glass *click* neatly into place while the doctor quietly asks 1... or 2... 1... or 2... 1... or 2...

It's incredibly relaxing, and I used to almost fall asleep every time I went.

Now, this is one thing when you're a kid being seen by the eye doctor. It's another entirely when you're a medical student, sleep deprived as it is, and the same thing happens.

Y'see, I've been working with this really awesome resident from India, Dr. Raj. Only problem is, Dr. Raj has a very quiet, almost hypnotic voice, and he's a stickler for turning the room lights out when he examines patients. He pronounces his t's at the end of every word very carefully and purrs through the rest of his words, which results in something like this: look rrright... look dowwwn... now look leffft... close your eyesss...

I seriously fall asleep 4 times an hour. Actually, just the thought of him speaking is making my eyelids heavy. Naptime!

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  1. just reading that made me tired. ahhhh you’re putting me to sleep. no just kidding, i think i’m just tired from studying. bleh.

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