Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy



We're learning how to read EKG's today- I'm kind of excited. I think it's one of those things that I associate with doctors.

Also, I should make a note of the asylum training we went to. One of the CUP programs that we can do is to help a doctor perform a medical asylum evaluation. i.e. a person coming from their home country needs to be evaluated for physical evidence of torture, and they need a doctor to write the affadavit. Well, we're one of the places around the country that does it (apparently we gets a lot of asylum seekers from Africa because the weather is very similar).

It seemed wierd to me that the medical students would be allowed to do this. Between 40-50% of asylum seekers are granted asylum, and that's only the ones with the aid of lawyers. Stats for people doing it on their own are much lower. Seems to me like with those kind of odds, you'd want a doctor who routinely performs these types of examinations, not a medical student. I get the impression that one of the doctors from family clinic (actually, the guy who prescribed the Prilosec to the woman with ulcers a few months back... if you remember that far) does them relatively often and is the person in charge- but at the training they were very up on the medical students being the ones DOING the exam.

I figure there are a lot of things that a completely untrained medical student can do. Performing a medical eval on specific types of torture... now that's just a bit out of our league, and those people deserve all the help they can get.

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