Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Every cloud has a silver lining…

Well, I give up. Mary beat me. She actually went to the trouble of

a) finding out that the microscope I was using was registered to another person (lets call her Fran for now),
b) realizing that Fran didn't use her microscope,
c) crying foul about Fran registering the wrong microscope in the wrong room,
d) having the woman in charge of microscope registrations invalidate Fran's registration,
e) registering Fran's (i.e. my) microscope in her own name,
f) informing me that it's now officially her microscope.

Impressive, yes? I doubt I would have gone to all that trouble to steal a seat.

Oh, by the way, to all the people who have offered me spots at their tables, thanks! I really appreciate it.

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  1. I greatly resent your degrading portrayal of Mary. My understanding of the situation was that she gave up her seat and microscope to another girl in the room who didn’t have one because of this whole melodrama. And you are calling her selfish? If you even truly knew “Mary” than you would be choking on your words. I happen to know that she is a very caring and compassionate person seems how she is my wife! Maybe before you take the time to write such petty and immature bullshit, you should take the time to investigate the facts and obtain a better understanding of people’s motives. And by the way, I would rather choke than invest my health in a physician that lacks such professionalism and integrity that they cannot find in it themselves to remedy a conflict between a colleague in non-degrading manner. Must speak of your character…

  2. OMG. you have GOT to be kidding me. Blogs are just a way for people to write about what happens to them in a day. How can you take this so personally? “Mary” could have quite possibly been a made-up character to any stranger reading this blog. You both (mary and her husband) made her real by acknowledging her existence.

    And regardless of Mary’s compassion etc., I still would not want a physician who goes behind her colleague’s back to get what she wants.

  3. Okay, this is the last time I am posting b/c this is all a bunch of bullshit anyway, but in my defense I did not go behind Zac’s back to get the seat…I went straight to him (in case you can’t read). Second, I talked to Fran and explained the situation (which you are not entirely informed on) to her, and NEVER had her microscope registration invalidated. I don’t have that kind of power. I gave my seat to another girl who is assigned to our lab who didn’t have a microscope because of this whole mess (truly, there is a reason people should stay in their assigned rooms), and took Fran’s when I was told by the woman in charge that it became available.

    If you ask me, this is pretty shitty journalism, if that is what you insist on calling it, because not all of the information is presented and the story is skewed in Zac’s favor (of course). At best he could write for Star or some other trashy magazine.

  4. the thing is….this is a BLOG!!!!!!! Zac can write whatever he wants—its supposed to come from his life, his point of view, etc. who cares what he writes?!?!?!?!?? Mary could start her own blog and then pick on zac all she wants. i doubt that zac would comment on hers. the more mary defends, the worse it looks.

  5. I like monkeys.

  6. Wait…we can uses spouses to protect us from the bad men??!! And here I’ve been calling my mommy whenever I had a problem with something that was said about me…

  7. Looks like a pick the wrong week to stop not reading Zachck’s blog.

  8. I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that Zac indeed has a right to express his feelings and write whatever he wants on his blog. However, with that right comes the consequences of his actions, which includes making a hurtful public statement about someone in our class and scrutiny from people such as Mary and Shane and friends. This event did involve Mary too, and I think that she has the right to stand up for herself. Her husband standing up for her should be expected, just as everyone else is standing up for Zac. Now, being a mutual friend of both Zac and Mary’s as well as a bystander of this whole incident, Zac did blow things slightly out of proportion as well as do a horrible job of using an alias. The bottom line is that rules are rules, you broke the rules and she followed them. Is it fair? Who knows…and who really cares! She could have had the best reason in the world to take that seat, and you would be upset. You are a very stubborn and strong headed person.

    I think that Mary didn’t handle the situation very appropriately to begin with and could have been nicer about it, but to say harsh and hurtful things about a fellow colleague in a public setting where you knew she might read it is just plain nasty. I don’t think that you are a nasty person, but you have really gone overboard on this one. Regardless, the damage is done, and others in our class are being affected by this and I have already heard classmates mention going to the dean about this whole ordeal and what has been posted on this website. I think that we would all hate for it to get to that point, and that it would be best if you and Mary sit down and come to some agreement between the two of you. No friends, no husbands, etc. Just figure it out and get over it so we can ALL move on!

    *edited to remove personal information*

  9. I also like turtles.

  10. i used to have 2 turtles…..

  11. I think this calls for a good, old-fashioned listserv throw down! (I love physio)

    P.S. – tortoises (or is it tortoisi) are better than turtles.

  12. Holy god, I am so glad I’m not in medical school.

  13. Clarification:

    For simplicity, I usually refer to both tortoises and turtles as simply, “turtles.” I actually prefer tortoises as well, but saying “turtles” is easier. I also commonly refer to apes as monkeys, but that’s just to get people all riled up,since everybody loves correcting that one.

  14. I had a tortoise named Scooter once, he died trying to escape my backyard. It was really sad, actually, the little guy never had a chance. I have never had a monkey though…I was offered one once…it was the whole poo flinging that got me, I couldn’t deal.

  15. This is why I have been against backyards from day one. Bad for all “turtle kind.”
    I have been called a gorilla before – does that count for anything?
    What were we talking about again?

  16. Edited: Let’s not get too nasty with the comments. I like the argument about turtles and tortoises better.

  17. Yesterday, or a couple days ago, I was sitting at my ghost microscope (the one with the bright yellow paper that has been sitting under it for a month now), peering down at some blackhead-looking things that are supposed to be significant of (TB? Cocci? AIDS?)…and I looked around, bleary-eyed, and I am filled with LOVE. Yes, love, for my dear caddy-corner friend with a PhD who knows so much about cells already that he modestly corrects the professor and has now acquired the nickname of ‘doctor’ (we can call him ‘Dr. Palsey’). Love for my other dear friend, ‘Gem’, who sits a few seats down from me and laughs at absolutely nothing while her hair ornaments gleam in the soft glow of fluorescent lab light. And of course, my dear friend ‘Whiz’, who is downright fierce in those stilletos and massively thought-out leggings that she adorns to class every day. The truth is, I love you all. ALL OF YOU! And I’m sorry that the whole mess started with me, Fran. I am going to throw down the gauntlet and declare TRUCE. Isn’t it time we all just study blackheads under our respective microscopes TOGETHER, in harmony, and just LOVE?!

  18. WOW. That’s it? I wanted entertainment damn it. Here I am reacting to the fact that it’s over.

  19. Once I had a turtle and I let it roam my backyard, but then it fell in the pool. It was terrible.

    I usually read for my drama when I’m bored during work, but this is WAY better! Thanks for the link Monty!

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