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Feeling Like A Doctor For The First Time

I know most of my classmates have already had this experience (Roommate, I'm looking at you), but a few days ago on my internal medicine rotation - which, by the way, I'm loving - I really, really felt like a doc for the first time ever.

It was one of those basic, simple moments; I interviewed a patient, took a full history and physical, presented to my attending, and told him what my assessment and plan were. He nodded, and asked if I had my prescription pad with me; he's the first doc I've worked with who insists that all med students carry around prescriptions.

I pulled out my prescription pad, wrote out 3 drugs, and watched as he signed them and handed them back to me. I went back in the room and explained what they were for. Patient thanked me (referring to me as "Doctor Zac" in the process... more on that bizarre phenomenon in a later post).

So, there you go... I felt like I legitimately worked someone up and treated them. Small, but significant.

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  1. Just started reading your blog recently… It’s great.

    Great anecdote – I’m sure it was a great feeling. Good job “doctor zac”.

  2. yay!

    i’m still getting used to wearing the short white coat…i feel like i’m playing dress up or something.

  3. So, uh… Doctor Zac… I’m, like, hurting REAL bad, all over. What’s that? No, I can’t take anything over-the-counter, ’cause, like… I’m allergic to it. All of it. What’s that stuff that starts with a ‘p’? Purple-cet? Yeah. Gimme some of that.

    Hey – I’m just helping round out the experience, one med student at a time.

    Love the blog! :)

  4. yeah…thts really is a good in 4th year and dying to do my internship!!

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