Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy



Now, I'm not one to go in for potty humor*. But today, the most awesomest thing ever happened.

I was sitting, taking my pathology test. Nothing could be more serious. My grade was on the line. Zac Concentration was at max power.

All of a sudden, someone farted. I don't mean some tiny little fart, either. This thing rocked the entire auditorium. Heads turned. Walls shaked. Babies started crying. I don't know who it was. All I know is that it was some girl sitting to my left**, and I desperately tried to pretend that someone had moved a chair to make this thunderous noise.

I was doing fine until Nelly started coughing. Poor guy was sitting behind the culprit, and apparently it was so bad that he couldn't breathe. I heard him try to hold his breath, then I heard him cough on the rebound, then I heard him start to giggle, and then it was all over.

Remember being in middle school and having your friends do something really funny? Remember how you couldn't stop laughing? And then how you got detention from the teacher***? It was kind of like that, except this time, you're in medical school taking an exam on gastrointestinal pathology. And you're laughing about farting.

Sweet Jesus was that funny. I love being immature.

*that is a VICIOUS lie. I'm all about potty humor. Please see such fantastic movies as Animal House, Super Troopers, Kung Pow!, etc.
**Girls don't fart! They also don't poop, pee, or do anything other than grace the earth with their etherial presence.
***I don't even know why I bother with footnotes any more. Clearly this only happened to me.

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