Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Full Disclosure

I may or may not have cancelled an interview ($320 plane ticket, $50 hotel room, $30 car rental) and used the money for something... better.

Playstation 3, here I come! Wall-E is going to look kickass on Blu-ray.

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  1. Just $50 for a hotel room?

  2. Price… line… negotiaaaator!

  3. I really enjoy your reading your posts. I start med next year (I’m Australia), and in many ways your posts provide some perspective… despite your left-wing leanings lol.

  4. Yea, only $50? Then again, why are you renting a car? So far, I’ve managed to wing it just with public transportation, a few shuttle buses, and *gasp!* walking at times. Then again, perhaps I’m paying more for the hotels which are closer to the interview sites. Maybe some tips on saving money on interviews would help?

  5. haha well done sir!

    You should think about the X-Box too though. I just got one myself this Christmas season and it has since sucked many hours from my life that I will never get back. If this is the experience you’re looking for, maybe give it another look as well.

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