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Fun Facts

Your heart pumps the blood through your body once per minute... in times of heavy exercise, the blood can circulate once every 15 seconds. That's fast.

The EKG machines (or ECG, as it were... Elektrokardiogram was too German for us Americo-centric doctors... so it's now Electrocardiogram) that you see in ER that flatline aren't just for show. If you know how to read an EKG, you can actually diagnose the location of heart damage using only a few electric leads.

High blood pressure is bad because the heart has to pump against a very high arterial pressure. This means it has to work harder. When your biceps muscle tires, you get tired at the gym and can't lift any more weights. When cardiac muscle tires, on the other hand, you go into cardiac arrest and die. This is why high blood pressure is a good thing to keep under control.

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  1. So I was watching The Office a few nights ago. And it made me wonder: Can you “lie” on a blood pressure test? Could you do something to artificially and temporarily increase or decrease your blood pressure for the sake of maneuvering the blood pressure test?

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