Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Goin’ for it

Well, folks, I've made up my mind (mostly). It's either Radiology or ER at this point; I've found Rads so interesting that I'm actually *gasp* inspired to write a personal statement about it. Shocking, I know!

We'll still have to see if the aforementioned pandemonium of the ER gets me going... but honestly I find the visual aspect and the breadth of Radiology really works for me. Our program is a bit... quiet for me (I'm a fairly loud person, as most of you know) but the residents are really chill and it's undeniably cool stuff.

More to come!

Edit (9:45PM): Well, that was fast... done already! I gotta be honest, personal statements for residency are a whole lot easier to write than medical school... you've actually DONE the thing you're applying for :-)

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  1. Radiology is a great specialty. Absolutely necessary for just about everything, so you will never be out of work. Beats grinding it out in internal medicine (God bless the internists….)

  2. Too bad i didnt come across this blog before. Great stuff you got here. Thanks.

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