Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


What is it with me and chairs lately?

So I was in the computer lounge during the break just now, and a chair was open next to a computer. Naturally, I sat down.

After a few seconds I noticed that I was sitting on a warm, wet spot on the chair. As I got up, my hand brushed the spot, only to realize that it was noticeably damp. Then I smelled my hand.

Pee. Someone peed on the chair, left the room, and I just sat on it.

I'd like to point out that we're in medical school, ostensibly learning things like "sterility" and "washing your hands when you walk into a patient's room". Apparently we're also taking "Public Urination 101: How To Pee On Chairs" . I must have forgotten to go to that class. We may be dealing with a serial pee-er, folks.

I am so wierded out right now I can't even begin to describe how wierded out I am. What is with my bizarre luck with chairs lately? My life has gotten so surreal...

Just Say NO!

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  1. At least you haven’t been peed on yet at totshots. That would be the ultimate revenge by a screaming kid.

  2. So I heard a story earlier that there was this really gimpy guy in the computer lab icing his gimpy ankle and leaked some water on the chair. Any relation? ‘Cause that would be really funny.

  3. Are you saying that the gimpy guy peed on my seat? Because if so, that’s a lead. I’ll find you yet, gimp!

  4. Ha! Just try and catch me…
    Oh wait, that might be too hard. Well just know should anything happen to me, your next chair shall be dumped upon!


    Remember when someone peed on kwasman’s backpack?


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