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Help! (I need somebody)

So in the process of converting my site over to a new look (and we're still not done, new theme on it's way!) I seem to have lost my blogroll. If you're someone I've linked to in the past, drop me a comment here and I'll be happy to add you to my blogroll. New readers, that goes for you too!

As always, feel free to give me feedback at

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  1. I wasn’t on your blogroll before, but I’d be happy if you’d link to me! (I’m all for shamelessly plugging my blog.)

  2. Shameless plug away!

  3. Indeed. I have no idea if you’ve ever linked to me or not, but I would never complain if you did.

  4. Ditto all the above. I’m never above a shameless plug.

  5. Shameless plugs all around!

  6. I have a blog title with almost that exact name, does that count? I like the blue so far; whatever you are doing with the design keep going!

  7. Thanks K8. The blue is kind of a placeholder for now… I do miss the green from the old site though. I think I’ll figure out how to shoehorn the old Da Vinci drawings back in at some point.

    Anybody else have design comments/tips? I’m pretty busy for the next few weeks so it might be a while before I settle on the final (new) design.

    • If you are going to bring the old drawings back (which I really liked as well), then I would change the background color into a nice green which is in the same palette as this blue to match your drawings.

      Everything is much cleaner on the right hand side though; I love the MedBlogs feed you have going. The RSS feed subscription looks designed – you must have a graphic designer in your pocket? =)

      And I love the dates on the left. Your new design completely satisfies my OCD. Sorry I couldn’t be more critical/suggestive.

  8. I agree, I clicked to catch up on posts and then did a double take. If you can find a way to put the drawings back, that would be lovely.

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