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Home Stretch

Physio, Biochem, and SBS are all out of the way. Now all we've got to do is study MMG. 'Course... I haven't opened the notes yet. Once. That means I get to learn an entire semester's worth of genetics in a day and a half.

I'm not too worried though. The class is REALLLLLLLLLLY easy. Let me give you an example of a question that quite possibly will be on the test.

The parents of a girl with a rare, autosomal recessive disorder come to you for genetic counseling. You know that neither parent has the disease. What is the decimal equivalent of 50%?
(A) not the right answer
(B) not the right answer
(C) .5 (hint: pick me!)
(D) not the right answer
(E) not the right answer

...maybe I'll put off studying until tomorrow. Did I mention that all tests in med school are multiple choice?

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  1. D! D! The answer is D! Thanks for finally updating your blog…it took so long I had to start my own.

  2. Zac,
    Karma is going to bite you in the ass, you will fail Genetics, and I will laugh. Study you sarcastic fool!

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