Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


I am so sick of clubs right now.

I'm the education coordinator for both Medical Students For Choice and the Surgery Club. Now, this is ostensibly the sweetest position in a club. You don't have to run everything, like the president. You don't have to do all the administrative work, like the secretary. You don't have to deal with reimbursements and paperwork, like the treasurer. Instead, you ask cool doctors to come speak to medical students, and give said students free food. It's sweet. I love it.

However, what just happened ruined my day. I called Chipotle on Saturday to order burritos for an MSFC talk on Plan B, and made sure that they would be ready by 11:30AM, sharp. Talk starts at noon, so I figured that was plenty of leeway. The manager was so stoked that I was ordering 60 burritos that he offered to comp 15 of them. This was great for my budget- I just fed everyone for $3 a head.

Then, last night I realized that I had to skip out of a small group session in order to make it to Chipotle by 11:30. This was unfortunate, as the doctor leading the discussion is a known hardass and probably was going to dock me points. Medical students hate being docked points. It didn't help that as I asked if I could leave, he said "well, it's your choice". Awesome.

So I roll up to Chipotle at 11:33 and see a glorious box 'o burritos sitting there, waiting for me. I apologized for being late, and the manager (not the one I had been talking to Saturday) said that it would be another 10 minutes before they were all done. This still gave me at least 10 minutes leeway.

11:45 ticks by. 11:55. The manager, looking harried, apologizes for the delay. I tell him I need the burritos at the medical school in 5 minutes. My phone rings- the other MSFC leaders want to know where the burritos are. By this point, they'll be at least 5 minutes late, no matter what I do.

As I go to pay, the new manager quotes me $345 as my price for all these burritos. Chris, the weekend manager, had quoted me $250. I start to lose it. The new manager says there is no way he can comp me 15 burritos, as this will run into his profit margin. He offers 10. Desperate, I take it, and walk out of Chipotle at 12:10 $290 poorer.

The burritos arrive at 12:20. Anybody who is still waiting around for the talk is hungry and pissed. I'm pissed. MSFC leaders are pissed. I assume the doctor speaking was also pissed.

AND we got shafted for $40.

I probably should have refused to pay, but I just wanted to get the food to school as fast as possible. I'm never going to Chipotle again. Plus, they're owned by McDonalds. Corporate assholes.

*Edit* I just got a call from my bank... they thought that the credit card charge at Chipotle was fraudulent today and temporarily shut down my card.

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  1. I believe this insanity to be the fault of the undergrads…damn them, I say.

  2. OMg. that sucks. if anything like that happens on the day of my wedding i will lose it. If 1 corporate asshole cant’ get it right, what do you think the odds are of 5+ corporate assholes gettin it right?:Dinner, DJ, Photographer, Transport, Salons… ah kill me now.

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