Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


I feel like a bum

So, I feel like I just haven't been doing anything useful with my life. I'm signing up to be a CPR instructor, provided that there are still spots available. I should clean my house. My life is a shambles right now.

I can see it now. I'm 65, retired for one week, and all of a sudden I feel useless. For those who don't know, we just got back to school after our week of break and now I've got nothing to study. Maybe I'll go preread for tomorrow. I hate slow starts to semesters and "overview of" or "intro to" classes. Especially because then the prof has to ask the requisite 3 questions per lecture on the test, and then everyone gets them wrong even though its the easiest material in the world (note: for future reference, we're asked roughly 3 questions per test per lecture, so 33 lectures x 3 questions ~ 100 questions).

Maybe I'll go find a cat stuck in a tree somewhere and save it.

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