Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


I’m so confused.

Let me start with a bit of background.

Pathology labs this year take place in two rooms, so naturally they had to split the class in two. Half the class goes to one room, half to another. This is more a matter of convenience than anything else, so people have gravitated to a room depending on which of the two teachers they like better. I just so happen to have moved to the other room- the one I am not "technically" assigned to. I found a table with a free microscope and I've been sitting in the same seat for 4 weeks now. I like the people at my table. I've even moved my pathology slides into my new room and switched my crappy path lab chair for a more comfortable one. In short, I have a "seat". One could even theoretically call it "my seat".

Here's where it gets bizarre.

I walk into lab this morning and one of my classmates is sitting in my chair. We'll call her Mary Lawful for now. At first I think she's joking around with me.

Mary: I'm taking your seat, Zac.
Me: Ha, funny.
Mary: No, I'm serious. I'm tired of being a social outcast in the corner, so I'm taking your seat.
Me: Wait... what?

At this point I start to realize that she's not joking. Utter confusion starts to kick in.

Mary: You can go sit at my seat by yourself in the corner if you want. I want to sit here.
Me: What are we, in kindergarden? You're actually taking my seat away?
Mary: Yep. I don't want to be a bitch about it, but I want this seat.
Me: So you're going to make me go sit by myself? In the corner? Because you don't want to any more?
Mary: Yes. I get priority seating in this room because I'm actually assigned to it, so I'm taking your seat from you and there's nothing you can do to get it back.
Me: ...

So there you have it. I mean, really? Who does that? I've now lost a seat that I've been sitting in for about a month! Now I have to go find a new table... or get relegated to sit by myself at the empty table that she was at before. By myself. For the rest of the year. Lonely and bored. Crying softly so nobody can hear me.

WTF? Of all the childish bullshit!

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  1. Kick her ass, Zac! Seriously, I can’t imagine doing that to anyone…it doesn’t matter what room you are supposed to be in, I’m in that room…there are plenty of EMPTY seats around. And, I’m pretty sure at the beginning of the year we got to choose our seat…meaning that it’s her damn fault if she chose the wrong one.

  2. OMG. i cannot believe she did that. That is too crazy and childish. You need to assert yourself and take your seat back. Just get there really early for yur next class and sit in the seat and refuse to leave.

    That’s sort of like what happened to me in lecture, but not really. I always sit in the same spot in lecture, on the right, near the door (so i can escape if something is useless). I sit there with about 3-4 other friends. We like being on the end so we can stretch our legs etc. For a while, people completely stopped coming to lecture. After our last huge exam, i guess people freaked out and started coming to lecture again. Suddenly my space is cramped full of new faces. This one guy sits in front of me, Coffee Boy, (meanwhile, I’ve been sitting in this exact seat in lecture since FEBRUARY) and whenever i lean over to ask my Aussie friend a question about what some Australian phrase means, Coffee Boy turns around and tells me to be quiet. At first i thought he was joking, but no, he’s serious. He’s been doing this for a couple weeks now. Um excuse me, why don’t you go back to sitting wherever the hell you were for the first 6 MONTHS of class, thank you.

  3. thats ridiculous…..

  4. For the record, Zach Hateful was taking a seat in a room that was NOT assigned to him at a microscope that was not assigned to him and would have left another uninvolved student without a seat or microscope. There was a reason people were assigned to different rooms Zach (the most important being a lack of available space), and quite frankly you are the childish one for slandering someone whom you hardly even know on a blog! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

  5. Sit next to me, Zac (I assume that’s how you spell your name correctly). Our table would have great chemistry with you, me, and Sylvia (although it stinks getting path samples last).

  6. dang…..people get real riled up about these things

  7. he didn’t really write your name… and it certainly wasn’t slander… he was just relaying a story that actually happened! That’s just good journalism. (well maybe except for that last line…)

  8. Allow me a moment to interject. I’d like to clarify that Zed’s actions do not qualify as slander. Slander is written. The best you would get here is libel.

    P.S. Nugatory!

  9. Funny, I just read an article last weekend about etiquitte with blogs and flame wars. Check it out (scroll down):

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