Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


…in other news, endometrial carcinoma on the rise!

Statistics are funny.

Our notes mention endometrial carcinoma as the "most common invasive cancer of the female genital system", even going so far as to claim that it has "supplanted cervical cancer as the #1 GYN cancer". To be fair, the notes do go on to mention that this is due in part to a decline in cervical cancer- but as an afterthought*.

Look, cervical cancer is by far and away more common- we just CATCH it early as dysplasia due to Pap smears. This lets us stave off the inevitable development of invasive cancer... and trade it for *gasp* endometrial carcinoma 15 years down the line.

I suppose it's in our nature as humans to look for another problem immediately after solving the first. If you stop fishing after catching a delicious bass you'll only go hungry. Once we finally find a vaccine for AIDS**, no doubt some other STD will take its place. Still and all, I'll bet medieval peasants would trade death by heart attack for death by bubonic plague any day.

*and for all you meddies out there looking to prove me wrong, the recent increase in estrogen replacement therapy has also contributed to the rise.
**Certainly postworthy in it's own right, but I'm waiting to see if it actually works or not.

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