Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Its that time again

Only thing is, this time around I'm finding it very hard to motivate for these exams. Genetics is so painfully easy I learned it in more detail in undergrad. Biochem is just mind-numbing, repetitive pathways, with long, long sets of things that need to be memorized. Physiology is cool, but I think the dullness of everything else has pervaded that, as well. And honestly, though I like the prof, his notes lie somewhere in between terrible and heinous.

I don't know, I'm having a hard time distinguishing between whether I'm bored with this semester or just starting to get bored of med school. I hope it's the first. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the first, because it wasn't until after the midsemester "evaluation" test that I started to hate this stuff.

Here's the other thing. In biochem we got a mock exam that was exactly like the real exam, and I passed it. That means that as of last Tuesday, I was able to pass the midterm. What have I been doing?

Studying more. Because now that I can pass it, I'm going to try to honor. Damn rat race. Why bother? Why not? Who cares? Is one "Honor" vs one "Pass" really going to matter?

I shouldn't be complaining. Reminds me of the Radiohead song Just: You do it to yourself, you do... and that's why it really hurts. You do it to yourself, just you... you and no one else...

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  1. “here’s the thing…” in one week, this will be over, your outlook will improve, and you’ll get back into class after the break and be enamored by how the human body works.

    it’s midterms.
    their kind dampen your view on life. *sigh*

    give it one more week :)

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