Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Make You A Celebrity Overnight

Well, I've stirred up the hornet's nest, dear readers.

I'm answering questions over at (hey, reddit!) for anybody who is interested in jumping in on the discussion.  Apologies if the blog crashes, they're sending some pretty heavy traffic my way.

Happy 4th of July!

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  1. This is, by far, the most amazing blog I have read on the intertoobz. It’s made me laugh and cry. I’m hooked. I’ll be checking back every day from now on.

  2. As an undergrad who has dreams of med school and currently volunteers at the local county hospital’s ED on the weekends, thanks for the reddit post and introducing me to your blog. Even not being a physician yet I can relate to several of these and that scares me a little. Ever deal with patients high as balls on PCP/meth? Those are my favorites. Vertical nystagmus ITED!

  3. came here through reddit. That was a great IAMA! The world you describe I have seen through the eyes of my father.

  4. Dr. Zac, you’ve inspired me to get off my tush and start up the blog I’ve been meaning to before the start of medical school. I’m hoping you don’t mind if I link to your site as one of the blogs I actively read. I really enjoy reading your anecdotes.

  5. I came through reddit, also….loved your IAmA, thank you!!!
    And yes, I have your blog bookmarked:)

  6. Awesome AMA. I’m a little over half way through med school, so I guess all the stories etc. are still so exciting to hear hahaha

  7. Just finished reading your blog. The stories themselves are amazing. It was especially fun to see a young doctor mature through you posts.

    Congratulations on getting a new subscriber and because it can’t be said often enough, thank you.

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