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Mayhaps I have been too hasty

Well, I gotta be honest, I'm really enjoying Rads at this point. Maybe not enough to actually do Radiology, but it's certainly one of the more interesting fields I've seen so far. There are a couple things so far that have made me reconsider my last post.

I thought radiologists never saw patients. While this is mostly true, there are a lot of procedures you can do, especially in the field of interventional radiology. On top of that, on chest Xray (which I'm on this week), the radiologists review all the ICU radiographs from the previous day, so they are very familiar with every patient in the ICU. There is also a lot of cross-talk between the radiologists and the other docs (pull this tube out, decrease the fluids because he's getting edematous, we suggest getting a CT scan, you gave him a pnemothorax, etc).

The field is also INCREDIBLY broad. Even a simple chest x-ray holds a massive amount of information, so you never see the same thing twice. You go at your own pace†, and they get really, really good at this stuff. The difference between a radiologist looking at a film and an internist is crazy.

So here's the other thing: the geek factor. Listen, I grew up playing video games, tweaking computers, and spending inordinate amounts of time on the internet. Oh, wait, I still do that. Radiology is one of those fields where technology is growing at an exponential rate, and that suits me just fine.

Obviously there's a few problems, like the fact that it's a fairly solitary field and you become a vampire. We'll see once I get on Emergency if the bright lights and the pandemonium are what do it for me... I have an overdeveloped sense of schadenfreude which fits in just delightfully with the ER. So, we'll see. I'm keeping my options open.

†bonus for me, who hates the structured 8-5 workday of clinic.

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  1. Ah…the classic med school conundrum:

    Week 1: “Good Freaking God Almighty, how can anyone do this shit for a living”?!

    Week 6: “Yeah, I could totally see myself doing this.”

  2. Usually it’s backwards for me, Lyle…

    Week 1: “Sweet, this is awesome!”

    Week 6: “Boring and repetitive.”

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