Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy



What do I do when I'm bored, you ask? Well, aside from my amazing Guitar Hero skills (of which I have plenty, might I add), I check up on the medical blogosphere. It's lively, it's interesting, and sometimes it's pretty funny. There's a whole group of medblogs that everyone seems to read- Kevin MD, Scalpel or Sword, Over!My!Med!Body!, Grunt Doc, Trench Doc, and others.

This recent exchange made me laugh pretty hard. Scalpel made a John Edwards joke, which prompted Graham to call him a bigot, which caused Scalpel to give Graham the e-finger.

I find the whole thing pretty funny. My well-known liberal bias aside, I don't think Scalpel meant any harm. I'll still read 'em both. Actually, I'm even putting Scalpel on my blogroll.

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