Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Med School on a Pauper’s Budget

...and the specter of "State Medical School" rears its ugly head.

Pathology labs are going to be, for lack of a better word, a clusterfuck. Normally there are 6 rooms for the lab to take place in. Unfortunately, due to the curriculum change, construction is occuring. Next year's class gets plasma screen TVs, entirely renovated MDLs, gold-plated laptops, and time-traveling DeLoreans. I may be lying about the latter two.

This means that they have squashed the second year medical students into two rooms for path lab. Roughly 50 people per room, desperately vying for a glimpse of lung cancer. Today was a madhouse... people screaming back and forth, the teacher trying to make sure that everyone saw each specimen (which, of course, they didn't). Furthermore, previously there was one teacher per room (6). Now there are 2 rooms... and 2 teachers. Somehow 4 pathologists aren't teaching us any more.

Dear first year class: I hate you.

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  1. Path lab isn’t all that bad. Dr. G. is pretty awesome.

    Inside joke: When she was talking about how “pathologists don’t have to be smart,” they “just have to recognize patterns,” like those people in the English countryside who identified airplanes. I had to stifle myself from saying, “still, did you manage to sink any battleships with your massive IQ?”

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