Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Mental Note To Myself

Get your ass in gear, Zac. You are officially 10 lectures behind in biochem, and the entire semester behind in physiology, genetics, and SBS.

And yet... I hate biochem so very, very much. My hatred is like liquid waves of molten anger seething through a rough ocean of enyzmatic pathways. Poetic, no?

I've also been noticing that the single-minded drive I had first semester (study study study study no time for anything but study) is almost completely gone. Anything that I can find to do to distract myself from the heinous task of BIOCHEMISTRY. Anything at all. Cooking. Cleaning. Scanning my handwriting in and generating a font out of it (true story!). I swear I'd do anything but study intracellular fates of HMG-CoA as they relate to 7 alpha hydroxylase. I kind of want to throw up all over these notes.

I should also say, however, that I feel strangely like a badass when I use shorthand for bio/medical terminology. I haven't written out "macrophage" in years... instead it's MΦ with a particularly wicked slash through the Φ. Chalk it up to me being a nerd.

Also, I owe a shout-out to Christina's performance during the talent show, of which I completely failed to mention. She played harmonica with Dr. Johnson (and practiced! she doesn't even know how to play harmonica!) in a sweet little bluegrass number. Honestly, she was the best part of the act... though you couldn't hear her because the mic was too far away. Good job Tina *golf clap*.

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