Agraphia Medical Tragicomedy


Mini post!

Ok, I know I've been out of commission for 2 weeks or so, and I apologize. Jeez, you people are like rabid hyenas. Kind of like Whoopi in the lion king*.

Anyhow, I've decided that studying is overrated. I do too much of it, get burnt out, and then have trouble focusing the day before the test.

Also, I ordered a new power cord from Bosity, as my old one broke (don't click on that link, they suck. I did it for proper blog/html etiquette only). Another excellent reason why I haven't been posting, might I add. The power cord came today, and I must say, I am completely underwhelmed. It doesn't have a grounding wire, is shorter than the old one, and looks like I could snap it in two just by staring at it too hard. One of the reasons it took 7 days to get here? They shipped it from CHINA. That's almost as far as Australia!. The things they say about shoddy chinese knockoffs of decent quality products?

ALL TRUE. I stand firmly behind this blanket statement.

Crappy chinese crappy crap. Blah! Lets hope the damn thing doesn't short circuit my laptop. THEN I'm gonna be pissed. Shoulda gone with Newegg.

*mufasa Mufasa MUFASAAAA!

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  1. Is it bad that I feel everything is right in the world when I read your blog???? I woke up this morning a little freaked that we have yet another test today…I was reading your blog, eating my cereal and this huge calm wave came over me. I think i might need professional help.

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