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Mortal Enemy, Part III

It may seem to my loyal readers that I have several mortal enemies. It would be petty and immature for me to list them here (you know who you are). But I digress - today I got to do something that really excited me.

I got to fill out a feedback survey for Paula.

I do not know why I was given such an opportunity - nay, a privilege - but it came with a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope. One does not look such a gift horse in the mouth. It's funny, too... normally I really want to be vindictive on these surveys, but somehow cooler heads prevail. I end up writing very fair and balanced* responses that let them off the hook every time**.

Paula, however, did not get such kind treatment. In fact, I wrote about half a page worth of ranty goodness about her complete and total lack of ability to run things effectively.

I am so happy right now.

*how very Republican of me.
**Mr. Bush, would you describe the war in Iraq as "awesome", "going really well", or "more fun than the crusades"?

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